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For those interested in getting more involved with squad trips such as Poland, Cadet Winton or Commonwealths, Welsh Fencing are offering the chance to attend the required courses (at no charge).  The courses will run at the Sport Wales National Centre, Sophia Gardens on the 30th July.

Anyone wishing to act as chaperone will be required to undertake this training. You will then have the opportunity to gain the experience to become a future Team Manager if you find you enjoy the role.

Times TBC but approx 9am-5pm.

You will need to sign up in advance by sending an email to fran.russell@welshfencing.org. Please let me know if you already have a DBS via Welsh Fencing, and any other training such as safeguarding or first aid.

In order to qualify for the free training you or your child must be affiliated to Welsh Fencing.