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Welsh Open 2016 Results

Welsh Open 2016 Results

For all the results to the Welsh Open 2016, simply follow the link:


You may also want to pencil in the dates for the Welsh Open 2017: 11 & 12 November, 2017


Coaches Register Updates

Coaches Register (Updated 2 Mar)

British Fencing publishes once a month, in the first week of the month, a list of BFA Coaches together with their relevant weapon qualifications.

The list can be found here:

 Coaches Register

Please find below the Wales Team selected for the Senior Five Nations 2016, to be held in Manchester on Saturday 5th November:


  Men's Women's
Foil Rhys Melia (c)
Chris Wild
Ethan Ridsdale
Abi Difford (c)
Heulwen Hill
Eleanor Regnart-Butler
Epee Tom Edwards (c)
Alex Edwards
Will Sturgeon
George Morris
Stella Lancey (c)
Abigail Watkins
Alys Edwards
Louise Sadler
Sabre James Potter (c)
Nathan Potter
Joe Nickel
Ethan Ren
Emma Waller (c)
Fran Whalley
Megan Ware
Libby Jones

Support Team

Jim Crawfurd

Jayne Ware


Anyone wishing to appeal for selection should send an email to the following address (appeal@welshfencing.org) by midnight 29th September, 2016, detailing the factors for the appeals panel to consider. Emails received after the closing date will not be considered.