Welsh Fencing

The steps involved in applying for DBS clearance (including renewal) are:

  1. Request a DBS application form from BFA, enclosing a stamped SAE (Self Addressed Envelope).
    Address: British Fencing, 1 Baron's Gate, 33-35 Rothschild Road, London W4 5HT
  2. Complete the DBS application form, following the guidance notes  supplied, as far as boxes e56 & e57, which you should sign and date.    Please sign ‘legibly’.
  3. Evidence of Identity for your Name, Date of Birth, and Address should be verified by your Club Secretary or Chairman.   Separate documentation, eg passport, driving licence, etc, as explained on the guidance notes, should be supplied for each category (ie Name, Date of Birth, & Address).     Complete boxes w58 & 59.     Print off the local Verification Form  for your Club Secretary or Chairman to sign.
  4. section x (boxes x60 - x68)  -  please leave blank
    Two exceptions:
    (i)  If you are a Professional Coach, ie you receive money personally (other than ‘expenses’) for tuition, please mark x68 as Yes,  AND  include a cheque for £44 with your application.  The cheque should be made payable to British Fencing.
    (ii)  Coaching / Tuition at home address  -  if you intend to give coaching/tuition at your home address, please mark x66 as Yes.
  5. sections y & z - please leave blank
  6. Post the completed form, together with the Verification Form signed by your Club Secretary or Chairman, to the WF DBS Registration Officer.
    Address: Welsh Fencing, 16 Brynderwen Close, Cyncoed, CARDIFF, CF23 6BR
  7. Progress
    The progress of your application can be checked on the DBS website;  you will need the serial number of your application form for this.
  8. After approval of your application, you will receive a DBS Certificate.
  9. Getting your certificate registered
    There is no automatic feedback to Welsh Fencing, so once your certificate has been received, please either :

    - forward either a photocopy of the certificate, or (preferably) email a scanned-in copy, to the WF DBS Registration Officer on dbs@welshfencing.org so that there is a locally held copy for Welsh Fencing, and so that the details can then be entered onto the BFA database,


    - if you are registered for the DBS Update Service, please instead email dbs@welshfencing.org, with the Certificate number, so that this can be checked online. (Please note that subsequent checks may also be made at a later date.)
  10. Validity
    Your certificate is valid for three years.

    [Please note that if however, your Certificate shows any previous convictions – whether child related or not, further enquiries may be needed at this stage.]

Enquiries : Michael Clemitson - dbs@welshfencing.org


Download this file (DBS Evidence Verification.pdf)DBS Evidence Verification Form[Verification Form]
Access this URL (http://britishfencing.com/uploads/files/dbs_guidelines_july_24th_2013.pdf)Guidance Notes[Guidance Notes]
Access this URL (http://www.britishfencing.com/governance/dbs/)BFA Guidance Webpage[BFA Guidance Webpage]