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ADP Cymru - FAQ

Welsh fencing is pleased to announce the introduction of the ADP Cymru programme. 

We want to create a fencing organisation that the people of Wales can be proud to represent, support and aspire to be part of; creating a group that exhibits the best standards of personal character but also excels in technical, physical and tactical competence.

We want fencing to sit as proud and significant part of the national sporting landscape and become an avenue through which any person in Wales can become a World-class athlete and individual.


How do I join?

Invites will be managed via Teamo. Please ensure you are registered via teamo & have downloaded the app.  You can find full details here: teamo. You can register here: https://web2.teamo.chat/club/register/welshfencing

Spaces can be applied for via a coaches recommendation or an athlete declaration of interest. The programme is aimed at those who would like to represent Wales, and to give those athletes a chance at performing to their best.

How much will it cost?

The first session will be free to all.

We are then in the 12-month preparation period for the Commonwealth Fencing Tournament and if an athlete is invited to subsequent sessions and accepts their place, a one-off fee of £75 is payable to Welsh Fencing towards the costs of all activities (not including the proposed 4 day training camp which will have an additional cost).   

When will it run?

Sessions will be offered thoughout the year on weekends and during school holidays. We will aim to deliver 5 weekend sessions, and one 3-5day camp each year.

What are the age groups?

Each camp will have a different focus, varying from looking at U14 squads (youth international trips), U18 squads (Cadet Winton, Youth 5 Nations), Senior/ Veteran Squads (Senior Winton, Five Nations, Veteran Winton, Veterans Home Nations, Celtic Challenge) and Commonwealth Squads (Cadet, Junior, Senior & Veterans)

If your question is not answered here, please contact the ADP team by email, at ADP@fencing.cymru.



Welsh Fencing Limited is a company limited by guarantee no 7583044. Registered in England & Wales.

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Registered office: Welsh Fencing, Sport Wales National Centre, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff CF11 9SW