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WVFA Team Selectors 2020

  • Foil: Margaret Myers
  • Epee: Catherine Bowd
  • Sabre: Ceri Thomas

Appeals to WVFA Chairman (chairmanwvfa@yahoo.com), ratified by the selection board.

As per the current Selection Policy, below.

Upon selection/acceptance of a Team place you are permitted to wear the current FIE approved Welsh patch, the Welsh Stripe is still permissible at Comonwealth events.

Eligibility for selection:

  • Born in Wales
  • Parent/Grandparent born in Wales
  • Residency in Wales for a continuos period of 2 years (or more) and on the electoral role.
  • Membership of WVFA/WF
  • Membership of BF
  • Mandatory membership of the BVF (for all open BVF veterans competitions and for Winton selection)

FIE license must be held for Veterans Commonwealths/ Individual European Championships, or if selected to represent GBR for European Teams/World's.


Teams are selected for the following events using the current WVFA Selection Policy:

  • Home Nations Team:
  • Regional Veterans Winton Team:
  • Celtic Challenge Team: Selection criteria is set out in the Celtic Challenge section.
  • Commonwealth Team selection: This is mandated by the Veterans Commonwealth Committee.

The WVFA website can be found here: https://www.welsh-veterans-fencing-association.co.uk/

Selection Policy


WVFA Selection Policy (updated October 2018)

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