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An early start on the Friday morning, but everyone on time and had their passports! The coach journey was reasonably uneventful and the weather for travelling was perfect, not too hot but the sun was shining. Arrived at the ferry port and the whole team sat on the top deck enjoying the sea breeze and the sunshine.

Arrival at Maynooth University and straight into dinner, collecting keys and getting settled in. Only 6 people managed to lock themselves out of their rooms in the first hour!! The key system was a challenge for the weekend and some people had to visit the main reception area on at least three occasions to get a new key card! (no names, but you know who you are!)

The team ethos across all weapons was really great - and the support for each other’s weapon was also a real positive. I was really impressed that all fencers made sure that no one was left out or left on their own.

The journey back was a bit more eventful – a misplaced wallet and a passport put into the hold – but all resolved very quickly. Then the mammoth journey back – where most people slept and some snored loudly!!

I would like to thank all the fencers and coaches for an amazing weekend of fencing, friendship and some great results (see the coach reports below). Here’s to the next Welsh team event!
Tania (Team manager)


Full reports for all events can be found below:

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