Welsh Fencing

Membership, how to apply and how to renew.

Only current holders of Welsh memberships will be allowed to enter Welsh Closed events, and represent Wales.

Fencers with Welsh eligibility but holding membership in another Home Country must therefore, if wishing to participate, get their membership changed in sufficient time prior to submitting an entry or wishing to be considered for Welsh selection.

Criteria for Welsh membership:

  • Born in Wales
  • Parent born in Wales
  • Grandparent born in Wales
  • Resident in Wales
  • Have fenced for Wales

For clarity reference to a parent or grandparent is a reference to a biological parent or grandparent; this includes a parent or grandparent resulting from a legal adoption but excludes step relationships.

Fencers selected to represent Wales will be required to meet the eligibility criteria of the event concerned. Members are advised that this may sometimes be different from current Welsh Qualification Criteria and therefore preclude them from selection. 

For example Commonwealth selection does not permit qualification at Grandparent level, but at Parent level.  There is an appeal process for this, primarily based on residence.  The form cam be found on the Commonwealth Fencing Federation website (http://www.commonwealthfencing.org/) here: http://www.commonwealthfencing.org/docs/130630CFFEligibilityAppeal.pdf