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The Board recently published its review of competitions, following a request for feedback (Competition Review Summary).  Following the publication of this, we received a number of requests to reconsider our approach to Youth Events.

I am pleased to report that, following detailed discussions, we have reconsidered the approach to Youth Events as follows:

  • Medals will be awarded for all youth events, irrespective of numbers of entries, and will NOT be replaced by certificates;
  • There will NOT be a fence-off for third place, so for each event Gold, Silver & 2 Bronze will be awarded;

I can also confirm our intention to maintain the current pricing structure for Youth events; the entry fee will NOT be increased.  We are keen to encourage entry, and not discourage by increasing costs.

I would like to put on record our appreciation to all of those who contacted us - we would certainly encourage you to contact us if you have any queries or comments.