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The Board recently undertook a Competition Review, one of the outcomes of which was the decision to form a Competitions Sub-committee.  This would be charged with the management and delivery of the Closed Competitons in Wales. I will lead the Sub-committee, and act as a link into the Board.

This article is a call for volunteers to be part of this Sub-committee.

We are looking for people interested in helping, and enabling the workload for competitions to be spread more widely, so that its not always the same people doing everything.  We expect this to improve the quality of our events, provide a method of succession planning, as well as enabling the development of the volunteers themselves.  Its actually fun to do, also!

Our intial thoughts are that the following roles may be needed:

  • logistics (ie setup and close-down);
  • referee management (ensuring there are sufficient refs of the right quantity & quality to support he various events);
  • armoury (ensuring equipment is appropriately maintained and providing a service during events);
  • marketing and advertising (ensuring the maximum attendance at events)
  • event management (actually running the event, on the day)

This list is not exhaustive, but gives you an idea of our intial ideas.  You may well have other (better!) ideas, and we are certainly open to those).

If you are interested in supporting this initiative, please email me (webmaster@welshfencing.org).  I would be particularly interested to know how you think you could actively add value and help to drive standards up.

Mark Ridsdale