Welsh Open 2017 Result

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Welsh Events Calendar

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Welsh Fencing are pleased to announce the GB Cup Welsh Qualifiers.

The GB Cup

The GB Cup is a new annual National tournament for intermediate Regional fencers. Fencers will qualify through the Welsh Qualifiers for the National Final with the two highest placed fencers in each weapon being selected to represent Wales at the National Finals.


The inaugural GB Cup will be held on Saturday 23rd June 2018 at the David Ross Sports Village at The University of Nottingham.

For full details, please see the BFA website, here: http://britishfencing.com/events/GB_CUP_18/

We plan to use these events to re-introduce the Intermediate Events held previously.  The winners of each event, therefore, as well as winning a place in the GB Cup finals, will also be awarded with:

  • The Emrys Lloyd plate for Men's Foil
  • The Charles Adams Cup for Women's Foil
  • The Turner Cup for Men's Epee
  • The Kingston Cup for Women's Epee
  • The Norfolk Cup for Men's Sabre
  • The Slater Cup for Women's Sabre

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to compete in the GB Cup final fencers must:

  1. Be aged 16 or over on 1 January 2018.
  2. Be ranked outside of the top 50 of National Senior rankings in their weapon for Women’s Foil, Epee,
    Sabre and Men’s Sabre and top 80 for Men’s Foil and Epee as at 1 January 2018.
  3. Have never represented Wales at any level (including GB, home nations or other national
  4. Have never won a Senior Open event
  5. Fencers may only enter the Regional event in the Region they have specified on their British Fencing
  6. Fencers may only fence in one qualifying event per season.
  7. Fencers may only enter the GB Cup in one weapon.
  8. Fencers must be UK residents.
  9. Entries will only be accepted via the Regions.


The dates of the events are listed below.  Please click on the link for your weapon and complete the entry form.