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Congratulation to George Morris, GB Cadet Men's Epee Champion, 2014.

Winning only two of his five first round matches, Morris started slowly and was only ranked 34th for the knockout stages.  By the time the elimination fights began, George had clearly sorted himself out, . He knocked out Theo Edwards (15-11) in the round of 32 and other than a close victory, 15-14, over Owen Jordan (Frisby Fencers) in the round of eight, was untroubled on his way to the gold medal match.

The title fight began in typical cagey fashion but Morris started better than his opponent, picking off the first two hits. Hughes settled though and there was only one point in it (8-7 to Morris) at the first break. Morris began the second period much the same as he had the first by establishing a two-hit lead (10-8). This gave him breathing space and he opened the distance up making it more difficult for his opponent to hit him. This tactic paid off and by the second break he was 14-9 up and very much in control. He made the winning hit, a second intention parry riposte to the high line, early in the third period to take the title, 15-9.