Welsh Fencing

The Welsh Youth League is a series of events designed to encourage young fencers to compete more regularly.

The awards for the Welsh Youth League 2016 have now been finalised, and we are pleased to announce the winners of each weapon and age group:



The winners of the epee awards are:

  Boys Girls
Under 15 Dylan Ballard Abigail Watkins
Under 13 Stefan Douch Rebecca Wreyford
Under 11 Cai Eastwood Amelie Russell



The winners of the foil awards are:

  Boys Girls
Under 15 Harri Hayes Phoebe Dawe
Under 13 Oliver Howarth Rhiannon Craig
Under 11 Lewys Evans Amelie Russell



The winners of the sabre awards are:

  Boys Girls
Under 15 Ian Ren Erin Corcoran
Under 13 Dylan Galazka Amy Westwell
Under 11 Sebastian Evans Reeves