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BYC 2022

 Congratulations to all Welsh fencers at this weekend’s BYC’s

Over 1000 young fencers met at this year’s BYC’s over the May Day Bank Holiday weekend. Welsh Fencing had 37 fencers representing our region, some at a big competition for the first time!

Well done to all of our young fencers, not only for your results, but for showing what Welsh Fencing is all about by demonstrating positive behaviours all weekend…..thank you!

If you didn’t receive your “Welsh Regional Patch” (see this announcement Welsh Fencing Patches), please email matthew.russell@fencing.cymru and we will post one to you.

The full results are here:

  U12 U14 U16 U18
  Boys Place Girls Place Boys Place Girls Place Boys Place Girls Place Boys Place Girls Place
Epee             Eloise Russell 3 Sameer Sunder-Rajan 1     James Huges 20 Amelie Russell 9
              Megan Hollingbery 19 Rhys Jackson 15     James Hollingbery 33    
                  Casey Jones 17     Morfran Snare 34    
                          Nathan Cooper 40    
                          Troy Malho-Sheffield 46    
Foil Taliesin Skone 19     Alexander James 1     Lleu Gravelle 54 Thandile Nash 30 Theo Eggar 40 Rhiannon Craig 9
  Theodore Pitkin-Thomas 39     Luca Florea 6     Oam Ram 63         Amelie Russell 14
          Theo Craig 49     Ioan Bertrand 77            
          Bedwyr James 70                    
Sabre Edward Beadle 23 Natalia Beatson 14 Joe Evans 3 Sophie Howes 30 Jacob Wahl-Byde 6     Dylan Galazka 5 Amelie Russell 6
      Charlotte Marsden 17         Felix Groves 9     Yoyo Zhao 14    
      Phillipa Blackwood 20         Bob Childs 14     Ben Edwards 26    
                          Osian Parry 35    
                          James Hollingbery 36    
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