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Domain Name Change

Over the next few weeks, we will be moving to a new domain - fencing.cymru - so to get to our website, you should use this new domain name:  https://fencing.cymru

For the last few years, we have hosted our website on a shared hosting provider.  We have not been satisfied with the performance, as we are impacted by the other websites sharing the same server.  As we approach the end of that contract, we have established a new domain, and have moved to use AWS Lightsail.  This gives us our own Virtual Private Server, which we have more control over, and which we expect to perform much better.

To facilitate this move, we have introduced a new domain name - fencing.cymru - and will progressively move to this.  This will become our primary domain, and will also be used for all our email.  Don't worry if you forget to use the new email addresses, as emails to the old addresses will be automatically forwarded.


During the development and testing process, we did some performance testing (using GTMetrix) to compare web page load times.  You can see a snapshot of the results in the image.  We have consistently seen web pages load in half the time, so we are confident that you will see an improvement.

The old domain name will be retained, and requests automatically forwarded to the new domain.  You should see no change, apart from a few days when the old domain registration is moved to our new domain registrar.  If you just use the new domain, you will see no interruption at all.

As part of this change, we have also introduced the following new domains:

  • https://welshopen.cymru - a new dedicated one-page website with information about the Welsh Open, including past results archive
  • https://results.cymru - this will our new results server, for online event tracking, and to hold our results archive
Welsh Fencing Limited is a company limited by guarantee no 7583044. Registered in England & Wales.

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Registered office: Welsh Fencing, Sport Wales National Centre, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff CF11 9SW