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The first Youth Development training session will be held on 30th July at the Welsh Institute of Sport, Cardiff 10am-4pm. This session is open to Welsh Fencers all weapons age 12-18 and is free of charge.

We would like to encourage all fencers to take the opportunity to train with others from different clubs across Wales (and those who are eligible to fence for Wales) and would like to extend an invite to all coaches to come along and use the time to work with their fencers, and/or contribute to group training, also any referees that would like a bit of practice out of competition environment.

Any clubs from further afield that wish to organise a mini bus drop Fran an email at Fran.russell@welshfencing.org as we may be able to help with the cost.

Next session and venue TBC but we plan to arrange it somewhere outside of cardiff - any clubs interesting in hosting please let us know.

Welsh Fencing are pleased to announce the publication of the Youth Development Strategy.  For full details, please follow the link: Youth Development Strategy

For those interested in getting more involved with squad trips such as Poland, Cadet Winton or Commonwealths, Welsh Fencing are offering the chance to attend the required courses (at no charge).  The courses will run at the Sport Wales National Centre, Sophia Gardens on the 30th July.

Anyone wishing to act as chaperone will be required to undertake this training. You will then have the opportunity to gain the experience to become a future Team Manager if you find you enjoy the role.

Times TBC but approx 9am-5pm.

You will need to sign up in advance by sending an email to fran.russell@welshfencing.org. Please let me know if you already have a DBS via Welsh Fencing, and any other training such as safeguarding or first aid.

In order to qualify for the free training you or your child must be affiliated to Welsh Fencing.

Well done to Celyn Lewis, nominated for the British Fencing Awards as Young Referee of the Year, and to Daniel Schoen & Henry Talbot, both nominated in the Young Volunteer of the Year category.

For full nominations, follow the link: http://britishfencing.com/uploads/files/2017_british_fencing_awards_-_list_of_finalists.pdf


The Board recently asked Michael Clemitson to undertake an audit for us.  We would like to extend our thanks to Michael for completing this for us.

We would also like to thank all the clubs who replied willingly, and without quibble to this request. This was certainly  appreciated by Michael, and overall, we have had a very good response.

This puts us in a good position to respond to any subsequent ‘compliance’ questions which we may receive whether that be from within Sport Wales, British Fencing or the wider political  environment, and we will be in touch individually with any clubs needing assistance.

Welsh Fencing are very pleased to announce the addition of another selection competition to our events.

We intend to select a team of fencers in all 6 Weapons for the Challenge Wratislavia to be held in Poland in March 2018.

We will be selecting a maximum of 7 fencers in total per weapon to fence in the U13 or U15 categories. Selection will be done at the beginning of December this year.

The full selection criteria can be found here: Challenge Wratislavia Selection

Many of you may be aware that there are some changes happening to coach education in both Wales and the UK. Below these changes will be outlined, but if you do have any unanswered questions feel free to contact Mr Peter Russell on the details at the bottom.

Welsh Fencing is moving to adopt a new coaching system and strategy, moving anyway from the BAF system and aligning with the new BF system, whilst restructuring the way coach education is delivered and assessed in the region. These two elements will be dealt with separately to avoid confusion, as the delivery strategy element is co-ordinated by WF whilst the overall system and assessment comes under BF.

For full details, see the Coaching page:Coaching

If you have any questions please contact Mr Peter Russell (Coach Education Coordinator)

Tel: 07598324978

Email: peter.russell@welshfencing.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1344611152302424/

Welsh Fencing would like to Wish Steve Dignam a very happy retirement from full time coaching at Celtic Mini Fencing Club.

Steve set up the club with his wife Helen in 2012 and since then has contributed massively to grass roots fencing in Wales and led the way in the use of plastic fencing kit in the country.

We hope you enjoy your travels, spending time with your grandchild and getting back into fencing at Celtic Sword!

Our very best wishes.