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Coaching System

Welsh Fencing is aligning with the BF coaching framework to ensure our members have access to a system of recognised qualifications and development opportunities.

You can find a full summary of the new framework in the coaching downloads, here:: 


WF Coaching VMOST

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BFA Coaching Framework

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The initial two levels Introduction to Coaching Fencing (ITCF) and Level 2 are being deployed on a regional basis in Wales, with higher level qualifications being centralised in UK wide courses, to ensure suitable levels of participation.

The new system allows candidates to take development pathways to suit them. For example, after the initial core training of level 1 and 2 candidates can chose to advance down a performance focused route by taking their individual weapon levels, or perhaps focus on grassroots skills and community coaching modules. The system offers an engaging holistic approach, encompassing the skills required to coach in different situations and to different purposes, rather than focusing exclusively on technical skills.

  • ITCF (level1)
    Introduction to coaching fencing is the entry level qualification for coaching with fencing equipment (as opposed to Go-Fence equipment). It focuses on essential skills for an assistant coach including; delivery/communication skills, lesson structure, learning/teaching models, and class management. It is open to candidates who are over 16 years old and competent fencers. Successful candidates will be qualified to coach under the observation of a fully qualified coach (level 2+).

  • Coaching Fencing (level 2)
    This course expands upon the skills and knowledge introduced through the ITCF course. Consolidating and expanding the candidates skill base, allowing them to manage and plan sessions independently.

You can find details of upcoming courses on the WF calendar, on the Welsh coaches facebook group, or by contacting Peter.

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