Welsh Open 2017 Result

For a full set of results from the Welsh Open 2017, please follow the link.

Coaches Register Updates (Feb)

British Fencing publishes, periodically, a list of BFA Coaches together with their relevant weapon qualifications.

Welsh Events Calendar

Calendar of Welsh events, including Senior events, Youth events, Coaching workshops and Youth Development Session with online entry forms.

The Welsh Fencing Code of Conduct can be found in the following document:


The purpose of the Welsh Fencing Code of Conduct at Competitions policy is to set clear expectations of behaviour at our closed events for anyone in attendance in any role or capacity. Everyone involved in the sport should promote equality of access and opportunity, fairness and respect. All those involved in fencing have a responsibility to act according to the highest standards of integrity, and to ensure that the reputation of the sport is, and remains, high.


Safeguarding is the action we take to promote the welfare of children and adults at risk and to protect them from harm. It is important that sports clubs and organisations provide a safe and positive experience and that means you need to have certain procedures in place.

Welsh Fencing (WF) follows the BFA Policy on Child Protection & Welfare.

Please refer to this link for the BFA policy on this topic.  

Welfare Officers

All Clubs offering fencing to under 18’s and vulnerable adults should have a Welfare Officer in place who is not connected to any coach within the club. All Welfare Officers should be DBS cleared, and preferably be members of Welsh Fencing at an appropriate level, eg Support, if not actively fencing.  For details on how to gain DBS clearance, please follow this link: DBS Registration

In case of difficulty, please contact the WF Welfare Officer.

The Welsh Fencing Risk Management Policy can be found in the following document:


Welsh fencing purchase equipment (such as spools, scoring equipment, pistes etc) for use in Welsh Fencing promoted events.  This includes the full domestic Welsh Calendar, the Welsh Open, Senior 5 Nations, and any future events which may include Junior 5 Nations, Senior/Junior CFFC's.

It is the policy of the Board that this equipment be available to clubs, event organisers or other Governing Bodies for their use, providing the equipment is fully insured for all losses.  Evidence of appropriate insurance will be required before the equipment can be borrowed.

Position statement of UK Sport, the British Olympic Association (BOA), the British Paralympic Association (BPA) and the Home Country Sports Councils (HCSC), Version 3, issued in December 2006-12-15

UK athletes are advised to be cautious and vigilant in their choice to use any supplement. No guarantee can be given that any particular supplement, including vitamins and minerals, ergogenic aids and herbal remedies is free from prohibited substances. It is important to be aware that some supplements have been found to contain prohibited substances that were not listed on the product label.

Welsh Fencing conform to British Fencing and Welsh Sports Council guidelines and policies.

Contact press/publicity officer Carl Difford with all results and information about other newsworthy fencing events involving clubs or individuals - reports or previews.

Please provide as much detail as you can and be as prompt as possible in order to meet the deadlines of the various publications and other media outlets supplied. Include pictures whenever relevant.

Journalists, photographers or researchers seeking information are also welcome to contact Carl via the above link.

Email contact: publicity@gwentswordclub.co.uk