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WVFA Integration Announcement

On Wednesday 20th July 2022, Welsh Veterans Fencing Association held an EGM to vote on the proposed integration of Welsh Veterans within the auspices of Welsh Fencing. Voting took place anonymously through Survey Monkey and during the online EGM. The results were unanimous amongst those voting that the amalgamation take place. Veterans are now part of the seamless transition and progression from cadet to junior to senior to veteran age groups ensuring equal opportunities for all.

Background to the proposal

Members of the board of Welsh Fencing and Welsh Veterans held a number of meetings to discuss the details of the integration and to answer questions raised by both parties. Outlined below are the main points that will go forward as Welsh Fencing take a more prominent role:

  • Selection, Selection Events, Veteran Ranking and Ratification:
  • Three veteran fencers will continue to act as selectors.
  • Selection Events that are used for Ranking purposes will be set by the selectors annually, and the ranking list maintained, from which selection will be made.
  • Veteran selection procedure will continue to be applied.
  • Ratification of all positions and selections will be as per Welsh Fencing policy.

Current Selectors

  • Margaret Myers (Foil)
  • Ceri Thomas (Sabre)
  • Catherine Bowd (Epee)

Selection/Ranking Events:

  • Welsh Veteran annual Championships
  • Welsh Closed annual Individual event
  • British Veteran Fencing annual Championships

Welsh fencing will provide and apply the same criteria to financial support that is currently available to cadets, juniors and seniors.

They will communicate with selectors and those selected as well as Welsh Fencing members when they are eligible (age dependent) to participate in veteran events.

News of selections and results of Welsh Veterans in local, regional, National and International events will be maintained via the Welsh Fencing website.

There will not be a separate Veteran membership fee as WVFA is now integrated fully with WF. There has not been a requirement to have a separate Vets membership fee for a number of years due to WVFA fundraising activities through previously held events. (Pre-Covid)

WVFA funds remaining after payment of this years Veteran Winton Cup and Welsh Veterans Championships will be integrated with the Welsh Fencing finances to assist in payments for future events, training opportunities (ADP), first aid courses, Welfare courses, coaching courses and refereeing courses.

Welsh Veterans are proud to continue to represent Wales at regional and International levels through this integrated approach to raising awareness and participation of all levels of fencing in Wales.

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