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Welsh Stripe & Patch Policy

patchesThis policy is intended to clarify the eligibility of fencers to wear the Welsh stripes/patches on their kit.  The existing stripes (currently used by our youth fencers) are being replaced by new patches.  Stripes are in limited supply at Leon Paul, as no new Welsh stripes are being manufactured.  This gives us an opportunity to introduce a new set of patches. Stripes will no longer be awarded, although those who have already earned them, may continue to wear them.

The overarching principle is that these have to be earned by fencers selected to represent Wales at appropriate events, so they are seen by their peers as deserving of that recognition.

The progression between patches is to recognise the increased performance demonstrated when moving from competing at regional to national/international level.

The competitions below are not an exhaustive list as the events change with time. Please check with the board if you have any questions about competitions not listed.

The board will endeavour to indicate in selection announcements if patches are earned for that particular event.

Please note that fencers must have been selected by Welsh Fencing for this guidance to apply. Attending an international event as an individual does not confer eligibility to wear Welsh stripes or patches. The exception to this is the Veterans Commonwealth Championship.

For additional clarity

  • non-travelling reserves are not eligible to add stripes or patches to their kit unless they are called on to compete at the event
  • if you decline your place, you are not eligible to add patches to your kit
  • if you are selected, accept your place and are subsequently unable to attend due to injury or illness in the 2 weeks before the start of the event, you will still be eligible to wear stripes/patches
  • if you are selected to represent Wales and the event is cancelled for reasons beyond our control, you will still be eligible to wear stripes/patches

Regional Patch

These are awarded to fencers selected to represent Wales as a 'region' at local events

Eg Cadet WInton, Senior Winton, British Youth Championships

Regional International Patch

Youth International Patch

These are awarded to cadet fencers selected to represent Wales as a “region” at international events

Eg. Challenge Wratislavia, other international development events where fencers are selected as part of a Wales team

Full International Patch


These are awarded to fencers selected to represent Wales as a country at UK or international events

Eg Youth 5 Nations,  Senior 5 Nations, Commonwealth Championships (all age groups)

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