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Welsh Team Championships 2020

 The full results of the Welsh National Team Championships 2020 are ...

Men's Foil

1 Russell Swords Black ( Howarth, Steer, Kloss
2 Gwent Sword A H Kocan, Lewis, C Thomas
3 WVFA Dragons Brundle, Curling, Betterton
4 Russell Swords Red Mittelholzer, Behrens, Milford
5 Gwent Sword B Williams, Bridge, M Kocan
6 Gwent Sword C Denton, Lloyd, Macklin
7 Grand Vets Davies, Cooper, W D Thomas

Women's Foil

1 Gwent Sword A Fisher, Craig, Morgan
2 Gwent Sword B Macklin, Myers, McGoldrick


Men's Epee

1 WVFA dragons Brooks, Nute, Cooper
2 Cardiff Atkins, Stoneman, Lee
3 WVFA Green Conover, Massey, McKay, Victory
4 WVFA Red Davies, R Roberts, K Roberts
5 Aberystwyth  Ryan, Cox, Rymansaib, Davies


Women's Epee

1 Cardiff Lancey, Stewart, Walker
2 WVFA Bowd, King, Fairweather


Mixed Sabre

1 Russell Swords Red Galazka, Kloss, Evans-Reeves
2 Russell Swords Black Martin, Westwell, Corcoran, Newton
3 Ddraig Coch WVFA   
4 Cardiff  
5 Irishman, Welshman and a Pole  
6 Pirates of the Lamp Eater   


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