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This is an addendum to the BFA Safeguarding / Child Protection Policy with detail specific to Welsh Fencing and Welsh Safeguarding Legislation


Everyone in Wales has the right to take part in sport – and to do so in a safe environment. 

It is a sad fact that some young people and adults at risk have experienced abuse and/or poor practice when participating in sport. And of course, some children or adults who take part in sport may be experiencing abuse outside of sport - at home or within the wider community.

Substantial progress has been made in the safeguarding of children and adults at risk in sport, but we cannot be complacent when it comes to keeping people safe.

Welsh Fencing is committed to securing high standards for safeguarding and child protection in Wales. The CPSU is commissioned by Sport Wales to implement a set of standards for sports organisations in Wales. These are called the Standards for Safeguarding and Protecting Children in and through Sport in Wales.

As part of the process to work towards the standards, the CPSU work with governing bodies and other sports organisations on aspects such as safeguarding policies, action plans for communication with people taking part in their sport, and safeguarding education and training.

Welsh Fencing has achieved Level 1 of the Standards and is working towards Level 2 currently.

How can Welsh fencing help keep children safe?

Coaches, volunteers and officials are in the privileged position of having an opportunity to build strong relationships with people in their care and are therefore well placed to recognise signs that a child or adult may be being abused.

This can be achieved by being aware of the risks which abusers or potential abusers may pose, being aware of any signs that might suggest someone is experiencing abuse and responding to any concerns effectively.

Sports organisations should recognise the importance of ensuring the right procedures are in place that outline the appropriate steps to take in the event of a concern. It is also essential to make sure that organisations have comprehensive policies and are up to date with practical guidance that promotes the welfare of children and adults at risk and minimises any identifiable risks within the sports environment.

This Code of Safeguarding Practice sets out Welsh Government expectations in relation to safeguarding arrangements. Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility. The Welsh Government expects individuals, groups and organisations offering activities or service to follow this advice. This will demonstrate reasonable steps are being taken to ensure the safety of children and adults at risk.

Working Together to Safeguard People: Code of Safeguarding Practice For individuals, groups and organisations offering activities or services to children and adults in Wales - January 2022



All Welfare Officers should have access to and use the Wales Safeguarding Procedures App. This is the website version:


To find the overall Policy and Process for Welsh Fencing, follow this link: Safeguarding Policy and Resources

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