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DBS Registration

November 25, 2023

DBS Process Update

by Tania Craig

All DBS checks are now being conducted through British Fencing. Vibrant Nation is no longer being used by Welsh Fencing.

Please visit the link below to access a DBS check with immediate effect.


January 02, 2021

DBS Clarification

by Mark Ridsdale

I’ve signed up for the DBS Update Service – why do I need to show my Certificate?

As this is a question which comes up from time to time, we ran this past the DBS.

They explained that the DBS Update Service is in effect a status check on an individual’s certificate, pursuant to any changes which may have occurred since the DBS certificate was first issued.

As they put it:

“when an individual becomes part of the workforce for a role that is required to undertake a DBS check, and the individual confirms that he/she is subscribed to the DBS Update Service, the individual must present their certificate to the person who is to perform the status check. This is confirmed on our website within the Update Service guide to employers - https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/dbs-update-service-employer-guide.”

It is on this basis that our own guidance stipulates that a copy of the Certificate should still be seen by the appropriate Club or Board official (as above), irrespective of the use of the DBS Update Service. This only applies to the initial issuance of the Certificate.

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