August 02, 2022

Veterans Update


An update from the Welsh Veterans.

First is the results to the recent WVFA/WF integration proposal.  You can find the full article here: WVFA Integration Announcement

Secondly, we are able to report the list of Veteran fencers competing in the upcoming Veteran Commonwealth Championships.  Full details here: Veteran Commonwealths

July 25, 2022

Fran Whalley Joins UK Coaching Elevate Programme

Fran Whalley

Welsh Fencing is proud to announce that ADP Coach, Fran Whalley, has been accepted to the prestigious UK Coaching Elevate Programme, funded by UK Sport.

The ELEVATE programme explores issues relevant to female coaches and focuses on areas of leadership that will enhance both coaching and personal impact. It will connect coaches with a network of supportive and inspirational women.

Follow the link for the full BF announcement: Fran Whalley
July 25, 2022

Therapeutic Use Exemptions

BF & WF have been asked by a few people for more details about Therapeutic Use Exemptions and are pleased to be able to share details of a webinar from the International Testing Agency.

This will be at 13:00 on Tuesday 26th July. It will be recorded and the ITA will send you a link to the recording if you register.

Register at:

Please also read the TUE pages on the UKAD web site at and

July 25, 2022

Anti-Doping Online Course

The next session for British Fencing members is on the 2nd Aug.

Please see the message below, as news on the British Fencing web site at

The session on the 2nd August is suitable for you if you have never done a face-to-face or Zoom clean sport education session.

The next session will be on the 2nd August 2022, at 18:00. To take part please register here

We would recommend all athlete support personnel (parent, coach, S&C coach, any other sports science expert) do one of the online courses developed by UK Anti Doping. They are open to all on the UKAD Clean Sport Hub at

Welsh Fencing Articles

Latest News and Team Selection

What's new in Fencing in Wales. This includes team selection announcements.

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Urdd Partnership


Welsh Fencing are pleased to announce a new partnership with The Urdd (Urdd Gobaith Cymru). For full details, please follow the link: Read More

Athlete Development Programme

WF are pleased to introduce the ADP Cymru - an Athlete Development Programme focussed on the needs of Welsh fencers. We want to create a fencing organisation that the people of Wales can be proud to represent, support and aspire to be part of; creating a group that exhibits the best standards of personal character but also excels in technical, physical and tactical competence. Follow the link for more details on this programme.

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Welsh Open

The Welsh Open is a 6 Weapon event that has now been running for over 50 years.  It is still a major event on the tournament circuit, and attracts a large number of fencers.

We have a dedicated website that includes full details of the event, plus links to archive results.



teamo is a communications platform, used to support team selection and communication. The platform is app-based, and allows parents to register their children.  It is fully GDPR-compliant and allows parents to see any comms and invitations directed to their children, and respond on their behalf.  It reduces the need for emails, which are difficult to track, and often missed because they end up in Junk folders.

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Selection Policies

Are you eligible to fence for Wales?  That's in here.  As well as selection criteria across each of our age categories (Youth, Cadet, Junior, Senior and Veteran), and across each of the events types (Commonwealth, National and Regional).

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Welsh Club Network

Here you will find details of the Club network in Wales. The details are taken from Sport80, and will give you up-to-date contact information for all clubs in Wales.

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Online Shop

We have worked with a local supplier, Olorun Sports, to design a bespoke set of kit that reflects the Welsh national colours of green and red. The aim is to give all members a clearer identity as Welsh fencers.

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Everything related to Corporate Governance.  Here you will find our Articles, which define how we manage the business.  You will also find all the AGM minutes since incorporation, plus details of the upcoming AGM.

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Welsh Fencing policies, including

  • Code of Conduct
  • Child Protection/Safeguarding
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Risk Management
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Privacy
  • GDPR
  • Complaints
  • Use of Equipment

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Welsh Event Calendar

Details for all scheduled Welsh closed events. Most Welsh events shown here will require Welsh affiliation. Entry tends to be via Sport80.  You will also find the ADP schedule.

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Welsh Events Results

Archive results for Welsh Closed Events. This includes National Championships, Team Championships and Welsh Youth Leagure Events

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Details of the coaching system and strategy.

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Anti-doping is an important part of all National Governing Body’s responsibility. British Fencing take a clear lead on many aspects, however, as the NGB here in Wales, there are some crucial actions that we ne need to take to ensure that all Welsh Fencers are aware of the responsibilities on them, and where information and support can be accessed.

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Senior Five Nations

An international event for Seniors. This event runs each year (except during the Commonwealth cycle), and is hosted by each of the Home Nations in turn.

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Winton Cup

The Winton Cup is a regional event. The senior event runs in the Summer, in Nottingham; the Youth event runs in December, at Millfield.


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Dbs Registration

This section explains the process for applying for dbs registration, and refers off to the British Fencing instructions.

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Welsh Event Calendar

Welsh Open 2022

12 Nov, 2022 at 9:30 - 13 Nov, 2022 at 17:00
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