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Commonwealth Selection Update

Welsh Fencing Interim Guidance for Commonwealth Championships Selection – Cadets, Juniors & Seniors and Request for Expressions of Interest


As a result of COVID, the Board are aware that fencers and the fencing calendar have been severely impacted and may continue to be for a significant period.

To aid planning for the Commonwealth Championships for fencers and selectors, this guidance is being issued to invite expressions of interest in representing Wales at these championships across the above age groups and provide some more information on the selection process.

Selection to represent Wales at the Cadet, Junior and Senior Commonwealths is normally based on rankings as outlined in the relevant sections on the Welsh Fencing website. However, as a result of the global pandemic, a whole season of competitions has been lost, and it is possible that there will not be the usual number of competitions to inform a robust ranking system.

The selection panels for these events may therefore be considering additional criteria to ensure that in-form and capable fencers are selected for each event. The selectors still reserve the right not to enter a team for any weapon and indeed may decide not to enter any fencers for the individual event either.

What are the additional criteria?


  1. Critical action required - Please send an Expression of Interest, by email to secretary@fencing.cymru no later than 31st August 2021. This requires only that you state your desire to represent Wales at the Commonwealth Championships. Please clearly state the age group(s) you wish to be considered for.
  2. It is expected that all fencers will maintain their “Compete” membership of British Fencing as per the announcement here: COMPETE MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL DEADLINE FAST APPROACHING (21st JUNE 2021) - BRITISH FENCING
  3. Fencers will endeavour to enter as many as possible high-quality age-appropriate events in the period to selection in March 2022
  4. The selectors will be taking entry size and quality of entry into account when looking at competition results
  5. Selectors may observe fencers at competition to gauge performance, potential and attitude

Age specific guidance:

For fencers seeking selection for the Cadet Commonwealths

  • In addition to club / regionally organised age-group events, to demonstrate potential and capability to compete at this level, BRC Cadet competitions should be entered
  • Welsh Youth Championships
  • Welsh Cadet Championships

For fencers seeking selection for the Junior Commonwealths

  • BRC Junior competitions and open competitions should be entered
  • Welsh Open and Welsh Closed competitions should be entered

For fencers seeking selection for the Senior Commonwealths

  • Welsh Open and Welsh Closed competitions should be entered

It is possible that an assessment day may take place to supplement any ranking data.

The details of this are yet to be decided, but the aim is to bring fencers together in early 2022 (in a safe and controlled way), with a number of coaches, in order to assess the fencers' performance, potential and attitude.

It is possible that a robust coach testimonial may be requested outlining the potential performance, current performance, attitude and commitment to training of fencers.

The process will remain objective, based on the criteria above to select the best fencers for each event. Discretionary places, as in previous years may be used, up to the maximum team size where there are insufficient automatic selections.



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